The Health Benefits Of Deep Ocean Water

By Danny Hudson on May 24 in Deep Ocean Water.

The oceans on our planet have helped to sustain life on Earth for billions of years and will likely continue to do so far into the future. Water is necessary for every species and is vital to our health. Humans need to consume plenty of water every day to stay hydrated and healthy. If you’d like to boost the health benefits of your daily hydration habits, water can be even more beneficial when it comes from deep under the surface of the ocean. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of drinking deep ocean water.

How To Make Deep Ocean Water Potable

More than 95% of all the water on the Earth is locked away in oceans and seas, in a salty form that can’t safely be consumed by humans. But in the last century, the process of removing the salt from ocean water, called desalination, has advanced to the point where it’s now feasible to quickly convert salt water into potable water. 

At one time, huge desalination plants were built to process ocean water, but they created a lot of unnecessary waste. However, over the years, desalination technology has advanced to the point where it no longer consumes massive amounts of energy or generates as much waste. Desalination is now one of the most talked-about solutions to a dire global water crisis. After all, the ocean is a nearly limitless source of water, and it can provide life-sustaining resources to those in desperate need. 

Today, offshore water harvesting vessels are deployed to locations around the globe, where they harvest deep ocean water from more than 600 meters below the surface of the ocean. Human pollution and waste float near the top of the ocean, with very little pollution reaching below 100 meters. This means that deep ocean water is naturally protected and free of pollutants. Water harvesting vessels can complete the desalination process directly on board, and ship water anywhere in the world quickly and easily. 

The Amazing Benefits Of Deep Ocean Water

Though these water harvesting and desalination vessels remove the salt from ocean water, what’s left behind is a liquid that is still rich in electrolytes and important minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other nutrients. These minerals and nutrients play an important part in helping humans maintain good health and proper bodily functions. In fact, studies show that drinking deep ocean water has far-reaching benefits, like preventing heart disease, helping maintain healthy blood pressure, and aiding fat and cholesterol reduction.  

Much of the freshwater we consume can be contaminated with harmful pollutants, toxins, or man-made chemicals because it comes from shallow sources of groundwater that cannot filter out these substances. Deep ocean water, on the other hand, is the purest source of water available to humans. After drinking it, you’ll notice the differences in your energy levels, and many people report feeling healthier and less fatigued overall.  Our bodies easily absorb the minerals that are plentiful in deep ocean water, dramatically improving our well-being. 

Unveiling The Latest Desalination Technology

With such a rich and beneficial resource at our fingertips, it’s important to properly harvest it for a sustainable future. The Deep Ocean Water Company is at the forefront of desalination technology, bringing fresh, clean, pure water to sites worldwide. Our fleet of ships can harvest and transport millions of litres of water to communities experiencing crises or emergency circumstances. And our processes are environmentally friendly, creating very little waste and reducing plastic consumption. To learn more about the Deep Ocean Water Company’s mission and how deep ocean water can benefit people worldwide, contact us.

Danny Hudson