Maritime Operations - Deep Ocean Water Company


Our proprietary vessel-borne water harvesting technology is entirely operated from large adapted container ships. Using 130+ metre vessels, we implement a complete turnkey solution to produce and store 1 million litres of pure desalinated deep ocean drinking water per day.

With a large on-board storage capacity (appr. 350 TEU – standard 20 ft. Containers), we are able to harvest water for days at a time before returning to port to unload full containers of desalinated water.

Our ships have a team of 20+ highly trained crew ranging from deckhands to officers and specialised technicians to ensure the smooth running of the ship and it’s operations.

The ships also have their own cranes to ensure efficient production and fast loading/unloading in Port.


Using a propriety pipeline and pumping system, we deliver raw Deep Ocean Water straight to the on-board desalination systems from 600m below sea-level.

Our system ensures quick and safe deployment direct from the desalination vessel.