Military Use - Portable Deep Ocean Water Units


Safe drinking water procurement in sufficient quantities and available when and where it’s needed is on of the most difficult tasks for Military Operations

Due to the critical requirement for a source of safe, potable water for military forces in the field, commanders would find great utility in the water security, scalability and mobility of this system. Decentralized, scalable and fully mobile water depots can be implemented quickly.

High level military security can easily be provided for these depots. Hostile water contamination would be impossible to apply due to the decentralized container solution. The Deep Ocean Drinking Water is safe and ready to drink at all times, without any further treatment.

Potable water is essential to maintain health and sustain military operations, but carrying and transporting water is a major logistical burden. Decentralized, scalable and fully mobile water depots could be implemented quickly and be maintained.

With this kind of set-up and facilities the Military could also be of assistance in response for civilian aid in case of natural catastrophes.

Our water comes with a guaranteed lifespan of greater than 5 years storage.